About Us

CONCESSION is one of the fastest growing producers of custom-made furniture in Europe.

We offer a comprehensive range of custom made furniture and carpentry works for shopping malls, cinemas, cafés, restaurants, shops and any other type of service areas. CONCESSION can also produce furniture for apartments, residences and housing estates.

Main recipients of our services and products are European Union (especially Germany, Austria, Denmark and Great Britain) and Middle Eastern countries. Our products can be found in such far-flung places as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sri Lanca, USA or Cape Verde. One of our greatest strength is our experience in fast and efficient assembly of our products and their delivery by sea, road or air transport.

CONCESSION offers not only custom-made products but also standard items which sell very well in many countries. Thanks to excellent quality of our products we have achieved a leading position in our branch of industry.
In our offer we have high quality furniture designeted for housing interiors as well as products made especially for commercial spaces. CONCESSION has initiated production of acoustic doors and portals for cinemas. These products fulfil all the safety and materials norms and requirements.

CONCSSION provides full range of specialized systems, customized for variety of the products. Clients can obtain them in various configurations and sets, designed by CONCESSION team according to individual requirements and expectations.

Constant development by investing in  the newest and most modern equipment and in the competence of our team is for us of the most importance. Highly qualified personnel is the basis of our sucess and allows us to look forward to a bright future.

Our production facilities are located in Bialystok, with branches of design and sales departments  in Warsaw as well.

CONCESSION participates in many international trade fairs to present our products and innovations. For the last few years we have been markedly present at trade fairs in Poland, Germany, Spain and the Middle East.